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During the last four decades, our vision has enabled us to accomplish the apex of quality care. As our Chief Executive Officer of Glen Health and Home Management says, "We have integrated each of our facilities into the framework we have designed that allows us to continue to lead in innovative and complex rehabilitation that shapes the future of healthcare."

In 1968 Elston Nursing Home in Chicago became the first of what would later become the Glen Healthcare Network. The network next acquired Glen Oaks in Northbrook in 1975, followed by GlenCrest in 1984. Shortly after, in 1989, GlenBridge joined the network of facilities. Expansion continued with the acquisition of GlenShire in 1994 and GlenLake in 2006. Brentwood North Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center joined the Glen Health and Home Management family and became facility number seven in 2008. In December, 2014 the Glen Network expanded with the purchase of Glen Saint Andrew Living Community. The organization is now comprised of nine healthcare and rehabilitation centers as well as our own therapy company. Therapy Masters employs over a hundred therapists that provide extraordinary therapy to our guests.

Glen Health and Home Management has always been progressive in planning and establishing quality and needed healthcare services for these facilities. Today, the Glen Healthcare Network provides approximately 2,000 beds for the elderly and others in need of long and short term healthcare services.

Always mindful of the trends and changes in the healthcare industry, The Glen Healthcare Network has become a leader in shaping the future of innovative and complex healthcare.